Le Marche hanno un cuore verde - Marche has a green heart


O.R.T.O. VERDE S.c.a.p.a produces and distributes semi-transformed frozen vegetables, ready for industrial processing. It operates in the inner Italian market as well as in an international dimension. Our longstanding experience in the field of vegetables processing allows our company to offer our customers high quality products, besides providing them with a customized offer, tailored to their requirements. In fact, we are in control of the entire production process, from growing to freezing.

This allows us to satisfy the needs of the modern conscious consumer, oriented towards safe and genuine products, available all year round.



The agricultural cooperative company O.R.T.O. VERDE was set up in March 2007 by the producers’ organizations (PO) CO.VAL.M. and A.CO.M.
Our very high quality raw materials come directly from the local farms. Every stage, from sowing timing to seeds varieties, from assistance in the field to harvesting, is directly managed by the two partner organizations.

Our plus signs

On the spot availability, which allows quick processing from fresh to frozen, and minimizes expenses and environmental impact connected to long distance transport.
Complete control over the production process, from sowing to the finished product.
Well-established relationships between the company and the raw materials suppliers, which allow accurate planning and balancing between cultivation, production needs and the requirements of the market.
Skilled management, dealing with raw materials, frozen food production and distribution for over twenty years.


The plant has been completely renovated for the production of high quality frozen foods, the area where the company is expanding has recently been expanded to a total of 77,000 m2 with a storage capacity of 50,000 m3 in cold storage.
The company has manufacturing facilities that provide efficient and innovative maintenance and enhancement of the quality of processed raw materials and ensure high standards of sanitation. IQF Freezing technique (Individually Quick Freezing) allows to freeze products very soon. The organoleptic and nutritional properties of all our products are preserved thanks to the rapid temperature drop.

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