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Ten years, working together to bring the best vegetables to your table

O.R.T.O. Verde S.c.a.p.a. is an agricultural joint stock consortium company headquartered in the Marche region of Italy, which, since March 2007, has been growing and selling frozen vegetables as semi-finished products for industrial processing. The company operates on domestic and export markets, producing and selling natural frozen vegetables for the food industry, retail and catering customers, as well as for third parties, with an own brand range. An increasingly large portion of products now consists of organic vegetables.

We are able to produce frozen vegetables for third parties, complying with the amounts required, timeframes, and product processing methods, to guarantee recognisable, undisputed quality at all times. In fact, following customer requests, O.R.T.O. Verde is able to deliver products that are exactly as required, ready for packaging as needed.

Years of experience, a focus on the land and the natural growing cycles, together with the dedication of a well-established, experienced work team and a short production supply line are what we stand out for, as well as for our quality and reliability.

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hectares cultivated every year


tons of frozen product
potential produce every year


production plants
Senigallia (AN) and Rotella (AP)

Peas: 13.000 t 0

Borlotti beans: 2.100 t 0

Green beans: 2.500 t 0

Tomatoes and cherry tomatoes: 3.000 t 0

Leaf products (spinach, chard, chickory, etc. ...): 6.500 t 0

Soup ingredients (celery, cabbage, leek, etc. ...): 4.500 t 0

Herbs (parsley, basil): 200 t 0

Agricultural and production potential for frozen vegetables on an annual basis

The percentage represents the amount actually produced compared to the potential of the plants.

In the last few years, O.R.T.O. Verde has consolidated its leading position among the suppliers of Italy’s main brands in the catering trade and also to own brands in the retail trade, making available all of its know how in the preparation of quality products.

cooperation is based on a firm belief that we can only reach our targets if we all work together


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o.r.t.o. verde s.c.a.p.a.
strada della bruciata, 16
60019 cesano di senigallia (an)
tel. +39 071 6608200
fax +39 071 6608222
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