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We cultivate guarantees for your health

Over time, O.R.T.O. Verde S.c.a.p.a., thanks to an impeccable, quality-, research- and innovation-oriented, and environmentally-friendly work, obtained several certifications.

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7 Certification: Grade: AA
O.R.T.O. Verde S.c.a.p.a. is certified according to the BRC (British Retail Consortium) International Standard, grade AA.

Integrated and Chain Production Certification
In compliance with specific restrictive regulations, O.R.T.O. Verde S.c.a.p.a. adopted specific rules that provide technical (agronomic and plant-health) indications for farmers, technicians and all the players involved in the vegetable production chain destined to industrial transformation. The Company is certified according to Standard UNI 11233:2009  for integrated and chain production systems. Certificate n. ITASS-02/10-SPI.

Organic Production Certifications.
The Company is authorized to process frozen vegetables, in compliance with the organic production method (Reg. EC 834/07 and Reg. EC 889/08). Controlled Operator – Code 26041.

Quality Control Labs.
The Company has its own labs where tests on raw materials, production processes and finished products are carried out.

To ensure greater production safety, it also resorts to several certified external labs to integrate the internal testing and provide the highest quality possible to its customers.


Covalm sca is equipped with an Accredia-Certified Testing Lab, Accreditation n. 1759L, compliant with the requirements of Standard UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 since 18/04/2019.

The lab is located in Covalm’s facility, SP 238 km29, 5, Rotella, and it performs chemical and microbiological testing on water and food matrices.

Recapiti: laboratorio@covalm.it – +39 0736 371066 int.220

The Marche Region has awarded the QM Mark Certification to Covalm.

This mark was created to essentially guarantee three things: quality, traceability and completeness of the information.

Meeting QM’s quality standards means ensuring strict adherence to the production regulations and to all product checks.

Traceability certifies the transparency of the entire production process and of all the players involved, following the product’s history, step after step. The QM (Qualità Marche) mark also means completeness of information: each product that bears this mark is full of information, which can be found on the label and on the Internet.

The product of this ranged with the QM mark are:

  • Fresh Peas (750 g bags);
  • First-Fruit Peas (600 g bags);
  • Spinach Leaves Cubes (1 kg bags);
  • Extra-Fine Green Beans (750 g bags);
Piselli Novelli in buste da 750 g
Piselli Primizia in buste da 600 g
Spinaci in foglia a cubi in buste da 1 kg
Fagiolini Finissimi in buste da 750 g